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Imagination Glyph Mystery Jars are filled with tiny items--shimmering beach stones from the Cyclades, sand from Montauk, secret letters from Thailand, magnets, fibers, tiny images, spiritual charms, technological objects, precious metal and stones, iron filings, gold, glass from Murano--anything you can imagine. Like a scientific specimen, each one is tagged with a fragment of its story. On those tags, you will also find one of the Glyphs of the Imagination age (shown above) and its meaning.


I have been working since 2007 on the development of the Imagination Age, a framework for collaboration that is a mix of art and science. I recently collaborated with designer Oliver Uberti, who illustrated the icons and created a visual language for the concepts. 


All Imagination Glyph Mystery Jars are accompanied by an extra empty jar and blank tag for you to fill with your own discoveries and imagination. You can draw your own glyph on the tag's blank spot. These make fantastic conversation starters for groups and a most elegant and expressive gift for lovers of the mysterious and meaningful. 




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